About us

In 2011, partners Andres Vázquez-Prada and Kaye Tinga transformed a simple warehouse into W/17. Since then, they have kept to their chief principle of bringing tasteful and unique artisanal offerings to their clients. Here you will find a veritable treasure trove of bespoke furniture, gorgeous antiques, and unique works of art, all handpicked for the discriminating palette.

W/17 carries a sophisticated, diversified mix of both Eastern and Western, and traditional and contemporary pieces that bear witness to our devotion to exquisite craftsmanship and original design.

Our mission

W/17 is a conscience-driven business that values people, cultures, and the bounty of natural resources found throughout the world. We bear an incredible sense of responsibility in creating and selecting our pieces:

Responsibility to our allied communities. It is important to us to form and preserve long-term relationships with individual artisans because we believe the mutual sharing of resources and ideas can only better us both as individuals and members of society.

We also perpetuate age-old crafts as viable sources of livelihood. Today, we have around 700 local artificers and a number of skilled craftsmen from around the world who are an integral part of the company’s production process whether directly or indirectly involved.

Responsibility to culture. We respect and take inspiration from tradition by reinventing old-world charm with cutting edge modernity.

Responsibility to the environment. We are firm advocates of nature and incorporate ethical techniques and sustainable materials into the creation of our pieces. We believe in breathing life into manufactured materials through innovative designs and techniques that elevate their value and add further dimension to their original design.

Whether you are a connoisseur of traditional and classic pieces or a style maverick looking for one-of-a-kind additions to your living space, set a new standard for your home here, a world-class haven where the elements of time, texture, and character are embedded into every find.