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Sika Design is a Danish furniture manufacturer with a passion for rattan since 1942. They incorporate the iconic functionalism found in the modern Danish design movement of the mid-20th century in sustainable rattan material.

Along with their contemporary rattan pieces, Sika Design has revitalized pieces of furniture from some of Europe's most skilled and important architects and designers. Arne JacobsenNanna and Jørgen DitzelViggo Boesen, and Franco Albini were all pioneers of Danish design during their time––they broke new ground when they made experimental shapes with the sturdy materials of rattan and wicker and created sculptural and timeless icons. Today, Danish furniture design and its functionalist aesthetic is well known and respected around the world, with Sika Design embedded in its illustrious modern history.

Shop Sika Design at W/17 and bring into your home the legacy of Danish modernism with sustainable rattan furniture perfect both indoors and outdoors.

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